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Jumpstart your OWN business for as low as P2,500


Watch this Video to know how to become an Independent Dealer

Are you ready to help change people’s lives with the best health, beauty and wellness products?

Are you ready to take control of your daily income and earn more with the HEALTHYFIX® Business Opportunity?



We are a cGMP Certified Manufacturing company that has helped people pursue healthy, active lives since 2006. Our products are available exclusively through a network of Independent HealthyFix Members.

We offer three types of Dealership Package

Franchisee Distributor

As a Distributor your Profit Margin is at 35% from the Product Retail Price, Plus you are entitled to Distributors Incentives.  

Minimum Order Amount is P100,000

Limited Time Promo: P50,000


As a Reseller your Profit Margin is at 20% from the Product Retail Price, Plus you are entitled to Resellers Incentives. 

Minimum Order Amount is P15,000


As a Sub-Reseller your Profit Margin is at 20% from the Product Retail Price.

Minimum Order Amount is P2,500

If you need to chat with us you may reach our FanPage

What We Offer


We are here to help you transform your lives beyond extraordinary with transformative health and beauty innovations. A business that will offer you an opportunity to grow, a business that will give you health and financial freedom! 

To know more about HealthyFix Business Opportunity & the HealthyFix Full Catalogue.

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HealthyFix is here to offer you a chance to Earn more!

We have mastered the Distributorship Business


That Allows you to Be Your OWN Boss


With TOP Selling and High Quality Products


HealthyFix Products are ONLY sold through

Our Independent Dealers


NOT on Retail Stores


To Offer the consumer a full support and Customised Services


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