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What's in the Box?

30 capsules per bottle


HealthyFix L Carnitine+Green Tea is a premium health & weight loss supplement.


It is a blend of two powerful fat burning teas—Green Tea (EGCG) and L-Carnitine.  

It is good for overall health and is deemed very effective in increasing metabolism and 

energy, that eventually leads to weight loss.


Other Benefits


*Aids Weight Loss

*Improves Mental Function

*Improves Heart Health

*Improves Exercise Performance

*Reduces the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

HealthyFix L Carnitine+Green Tea (30 caps)

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  • HealthyFix L carnitine + Green Tea  is proven effective in promoting  THERMOGENESIS

    a process in which Fat is converted into ENERGY.


    Recommended Dosage

         Take 2-4 capsules a day